Get to know Tamara Liz

Tamara Liz's story is all about the healing journey through art. From the challenges she faced in her early life, art became her sanctuary, a means to express and heal. Embracing her identity as a free spirit, Tamara's path led her to discover the healing potential of art, not just for herself but for others. Her artistry and therapeutic skills culminated in creating divine healing artwork, where each piece is a conduit for emotional and spiritual healing. Her story is one of resilience, transformation, and the belief in art's ability to heal and inspire.

Perception is not reality.

In 2005, while pursuing my Bachelor's degree and planning my dream beach wedding, my world shifted dramatically. Three days before the wedding, I experienced a mental health crisis that led me to a mental health hospital. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of a journey of self-discovery and transformation through art.

During my first hospitalization, I grappled with my reality, imagining I was in purgatory—a concept influenced by my Catholic upbringing. Lost within the confines of my mind, I was subjected to treatments that often felt dehumanizing and disconnected from my true needs. This experience opened my eyes to the limitations of traditional mental health approaches, which often neglect the integration of mind, body, and soul.

Art became my salvation. Through painting and creative expression, I began to heal and reconnect with my inner self. This journey led me to the ascension path, I am now one with my Higher Self, Omah and we are dedicated to helping others navigate their own spiritual and emotional landscapes.

My approach to coaching goes beyond conventional methods. I incorporate tools like dowsing rods and bibliomancy to facilitate a deeper connection to the divine and to unlock profound insights. By treating each person holistically, I guide clients through their unique spiritual journeys, fostering healing and transformation.

Join me on this journey of rediscovery and empowerment. Together, we will peel back the layers to celebrate the core of your being, harnessing the transformative power of spiritual and artistic expression.

A Transformative Journey: The Story of Tamara Liz

Tamara Liz is available for speaking, workshops and classes.

About me

Artist, Art Therapist and Ascension Guide

Exhibited and sold art at prominent art galleries in Puerto Rico, Atlanta and Texas. Classes, retreats and workshops offered in ATL, NM and TX. Had private studios in Socorro, TX for over 2 years. Received grants to create adult workshops, and provide services to youth. Creates presentations, events, classes and workshops to educate communities on public health topics, holistic wellness and spirituality. Provides 1 on 1 sessions and healing art for the home and office.


MA Art Therapy | 2016 | GCSU GA

GCATA President

Art Therapy Advocacy Award 2015

Bachelors Art | 2008 | EAP PR

Video Art Award - Baño de María

Associates Communications | 2004| UPR-H

Student Council President


2024 Coming Soon - Solo Show- Sephyr Gallery

2023 New Mexico Museum of Art (Borderline contemporary artist Exhibition)

2022 El Paso Jewish Museum of Art - Identity

2022 El Paso Art Association “The Elements”

2021 Through The Looking Glass Exhibits (3)

2021 Female Empowerment Show

2019 Monroe Walton Art Center Photography Members Show

2018 Monroe Walton Art Center Members Show

2017 Monroe Walton Art Center Members Show

2016 GCSU "The Art Therapy Experience II"

2015 GCSU "The Art Therapy Experience"

2014 Studio 905 on Juniper “Spirituality”

2012-2013 Artistas Visuales Hispano-Americanos – “Traveling Souls” a traveling exhibition.

2009 AREA -“Sin gasolina”

2008 Museo Ballaja Bachelors Exhibit

2008 ARWI - as part of group Mediadores

2008 Her Shorts - Traveling Video Art Exhibition

2008 Suncom Art Nights at the Museum of Puerto Rico

2007 Petrus Gallery- “Caprichos”

2007 CIRCA -video performance Producto Inc.

2006 Noches de Galería Video Performance “Todos somos Dios”

2005 Candela Gallery - Video Art

2004 EAP Video Art Competition


2022- 2024 NOAH Member

2021 El Paso Artist Association

2021 Founder of the collective / Female Empowerment Show

2020 - Present Founder and Director of the non-profit Espiritu Creativo

2017-2018 Founder of Creative Center for Wellness in ATL

2016 CEO of Tamara Liz

2015-2016: Founder of the Art Therapy Box

2016-2019: Member of American Telemedicine Association

2013-2016: Member of American Art Therapy Association and GATA

2015-2016: President of Georgia College Art Therapy Association

2011 – 2014: Committee Member of Artistas Hispanoamericanos

2007-2009: Committee member Puerto Rican Arts Newspaper CONBOCA

2006-2008: Committee member of Collective Mediadores

Artist Statement

”In my art, I seek to transcend the canvas, creating works that are not just to be seen but deeply felt. Each piece is a journey into the soul, a dialogue between the seen and the unseen. My art is a reflection of my own path to spiritual growth, healing and discovery, infused with the intention to bring about spiritual and emotional healing and well-being. Through my work, I aim to connect with others on a energetic level, offering a sanctuary for reflection, healing, and inspiration. My journey with art is a clear demonstration to its power to transform, heal, and illuminate the deeper truths of our existence.”

- Tamara Liz