Co-Creating With The Divine

The creative process is an amazing tool for self-actualization, Tamara understands this to be an excellent technique in her ascension process. This allows her to co-create in harmony with the Divine, each time at a higher frequency. Tamara Liz channels energy into her art that improves lives; she embeds different healings into different paintings, that work in our subtle bodies. These healing frequencies work even if we do not actively meditate with the paintings and will depend on what the Divine believes needs to be worked on. Energy healings work in layers, the lesson returns repeatedly to be transmuted into light. Each time you work with a healer, a process of integration is due before you progress to the next piece. The same is true for these high vibrational paintings, yet they will always emit positive vibes into the environment.

Multimedia collage

  • The Benefits of Co-Creation 

     Co-creation is done on higher planes of existence, what some call 5D+. There is no need for confining structures used to operate in everyday life or 3D. The vibration resonates in the heart space. This is when you know you are connected to the Divine. In that Sacred Space, you bring forth your gifts and operate in blissful harmony. More creativity, intuition, and love flow within you. 

  • About The Subtle Bodies

    We are much more than a physical body. Dis-ease manifests in all the bodies, which is why healing needs to occur in all of them. There are 7 bodies, the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, astral, spiritual and the divine. Tamara Liz paintings work on all our bodies. People sensible to energy can feel the artwork's energy, it may take training for those who don't to experience it.

  • Energy Portals

    Tamara Liz artworks are tools that help you go within, however, their energy is always pouring out; creating a network of light in the world.

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