Get to know Tamara Liz


Tamara Liz's story is all about the healing journey through art. From the challenges she faced in her early life, art became her sanctuary, a means to express and heal. Embracing her identity as a free spirit, Tamara's path led her to discover the healing potential of art, not just for herself but for others. Her artistry and therapeutic skills culminated in creating divine healing artwork, where each piece is a conduit for emotional and spiritual healing. Her story is one of resilience, transformation, and the belief in art's ability to heal and inspire.

Artist Statement

In my art, I seek to transcend the canvas, creating works that are not just seen but deeply felt. Each piece is a journey into the soul, a dialogue between the seen and the unseen. My art is a reflection of my own path to spiritual growth, healing and discovery, infused with the intention to bring about spiritual and emotional well-being. Through my work, I aim to connect with others on a energetic level, offering a sanctuary for reflection, healing, and inspiration. My journey with art is a clear demonstration to its power to transform, heal, and illuminate the deeper truths of our existence.

- Tamara Liz