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Tamara Liz

Twin Flames

Twin Flames

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The Twin Flames meets the realms of abstract expression. Our unique and mesmerizing abstract art pieces are more than just paintings - they are portals that capture the essence of your Twin Flame energy and bring it to life in vibrant colors, bold shapes, and intricate patterns.

Each of our abstract art pieces is carefully crafted to serve as a portal for your Twin Flame energy, which represents the divine union of two souls as they journey together on a spiritual path of love and transformation. These art pieces are created with intention, infused with high vibrational energy, and designed to open up a gateway to a realm where the magic of Twin Flames can be experienced.

Our abstract art is a visual representation of the deep connection, union, and harmonious dance of energies that Twin Flames share. The colors, lines, and forms used in our art are carefully chosen to convey the powerful and dynamic nature of Twin Flame energy, which can be both intense and serene, fiery and gentle, passionate and nurturing.

When you bring one of our Twin Flame energy portal art pieces into your space, you invite the energy of divine love, soul connection, and spiritual transformation. These art pieces are not just decorations, but powerful tools for creating a sacred space where the energy of Twin Flames can be invoked and experienced on a deep level.

Our abstract art is created using high-quality materials, and each piece is a unique and original creation by Tamara Liz. The art is meant to inspire and uplift, to provoke thought and evoke emotion, and to serve as a focal point for meditation, reflection, and connection with the energy of Twin Flames.

Whether you are on your own Twin Flame journey or simply drawn to the profound and mystical energy of Twin Flames, our abstract art pieces are a perfect addition to your spiritual practice, home, or sacred space. Let our art be a portal that transports you to the realm of Twin Flame energy, where divine love and transformation await. Order your portal today and experience the magic of Twin Flames through the power of abstract art.

It can take a max of three to six months to complete and deliver your painting. This 8x10  mixed media artwork is infused with healing energy that will transform your live. I share my insights about the creation of the art and channeled messages if any. 


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I co-create with the Angels and Ascended Masters to bring powerful healing art.

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  • Any damage to the art will be resolved by returning the piece and a new artwork will be created in its place.