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Tamara Liz



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**Title:** *Susa’noo: Dance of Divine Wind*

"Susa’noo," a masterpiece by Tamara Liz, is a visual ode to the tempestuous Japanese deity of seas and storms. With her signature flair for capturing energy and emotion, Tamara transports the viewer to a realm where myth and emotion blend seamlessly.

**Composition and Artistry:**
The painting bursts with vibrant colors—swirling reds, tranquil blues, dynamic golds, and ethereal purples, capturing the essence of Susa’noo's dual nature as both a protector and a disruptor. The sweeping brush strokes suggest turbulent waters and gusty winds, while the more delicate lines evoke moments of calm and clarity.

**Themes and Symbolism:**
- **Tempestuous Energy:** Susa’noo's story in Japanese mythology is one of power and unpredictability. Tamara's choice of fiery and bold colors capture his stormy disposition and the passionate energy he brings.

- **Protection and Calm:** The serene blues and soft transitions hint at Susa’noo's lesser-known aspect as a guardian deity, who protects those at sea and ensures their safe passage.

- **Divine Intervention:** The striking golds and ethereal white strokes can be seen as the divine interventions of Susa’noo, guiding and interacting with the mortal realm.

**Tamara Liz's Signature Style:**
Tamara’s genius lies in her ability to channel deep-seated emotions and narratives through her artwork. In "Susa’noo," her layering technique, combined with the strategic use of colors, conveys depth and movement, making the canvas pulsate with life. Her intuitive understanding of balance ensures that amidst the chaos, there's harmony—a fitting tribute to a deity known for his contrasts.

"Susa’noo" by Tamara Liz is more than just a visual treat; it's an immersive experience. It compels viewers to delve deep into Japanese lore, while also introspecting on the nature of duality present in all of us—the calm and the storm. It’s a testament to Tamara’s profound ability to transcend traditional storytelling, making myths and legends come alive on canvas.

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I co-create with the Angels and Ascended Masters to bring powerful healing art.

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