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Tamara Liz



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Title: "Samsara: A Celestial Journey of Infinite Renewal"

Experience the awe-inspiring allure of Tamara Liz's masterpiece, "Samsara." This captivating artwork takes you on a celestial voyage through the cosmos, inviting you to explore the profound concept of samsara or reincarnation.

With broad brushstrokes and loose pigments, "Samsara" mirrors the enigmatic beauty of a galaxy, evoking a sense of wonder and mystery. The circular motion, reminiscent of a mandala, draws you deeper into the artwork's mesmerizing depths, symbolizing the eternal cycle of life and rebirth.

The color palette, dominated by deep blacks and soothing blues, creates an otherworldly ambiance that resonates with tranquility and introspection. As you gaze into this celestial dreamscape, you'll find yourself contemplating the interconnectedness of all beings and the profound wisdom hidden within the cycle of existence.

"Samsara" is a testament to the power of abstract art, allowing each viewer to interpret its meaning through their unique perspective. Its universal language transcends boundaries, inviting introspection and self-discovery.

Embrace the opportunity to own a piece that captures the essence of samsara, a journey of infinite renewal. Let "Samsara" adorn your space, inspiring reflection and inviting you to embrace the mysteries of life. Experience the cosmic wonder of Tamara Liz's "Samsara" and add a touch of celestial enchantment to your collection.

- Artwork: "Samsara"
- Artist: Tamara Liz
- Medium: Acrylic on canvas
- Dimensions: 20x20x
- Framing: Unframed
- Year: 2019
- Style: Abstract
- Colors: Black, blue tones
- Symbolism: Samsara (reincarnation), cosmic journey, interconnectedness

Don't miss this opportunity to acquire a truly captivating piece of art that will transport you to the far reaches of the universe. Explore the depths of "Samsara" and embark on a transformative artistic adventure today.


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I co-create with the Angels and Ascended Masters to bring powerful healing art.

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