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Tamara Liz

Radiant Transcendence

Radiant Transcendence

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11x14  mixed media

In this compelling piece by Tamara Liz, we are instantly drawn to the bold and dynamic interplay of colors and textures. The radiant orb of golden-yellow at its core immediately captures the viewer's gaze, symbolizing warmth, enlightenment, and perhaps a beacon of hope or spiritual awakening. This luminous center is enveloped in rich layers of purples and violets, colors traditionally associated with nobility, mystery, and spiritual depth. These hues transcend the earthly realm, inviting contemplation and introspection.

The fervent streaks of red provide a striking contrast, lending an intensity and passion to the composition. This color, often linked with life force and vitality, adds a visceral quality, grounding the ethereal nature of the surrounding purples.

One also cannot ignore Tamara’s intentional use of texture, from the thick, impasto application of the golden-yellow to the more fluid and diffuse surrounding shades. This creates a sense of movement, as if the central luminance is pulsating, radiating its energy outward.

The dark boundaries, which frame the central burst of color, suggest a window or portal to another realm or consciousness. It evokes a feeling of peering into a sacred or hallowed space, a moment of revelation or transcendence captured in time.

In its entirety, this artwork is a testament to the emotive power of abstract expressionism. Tamara Liz challenges the viewer to embark on a personal journey, eliciting individual interpretations and emotional responses. A true visual symphony, this piece resonates with both the complexities of human emotion and the boundless realms of the spirit.

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I co-create with the Angels and Ascended Masters to bring powerful healing art.

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