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Tamara Liz

Celestial Resonance

Celestial Resonance

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16x40 Mixed Media Acrylics 


**Title**: "Celestial Resonance"


"Celestial Resonance" presents a captivating figure, swathed in the colors of the cosmos, providing an aura of otherworldly connection. The figure appears both ethereal and grounded, representing the harmonious blend of the universe's vast mysteries and the tangible reality of our earthly existence.

1. **Figure's Expression**: The slightly downturned face, closed eyes, and serene expression evoke introspection and meditation. It gives a sense of peace, suggesting that the figure is attuned to the vibrations of the universe and is in a state of deep reflection or spiritual communion.

2. **Blue Hues**: Predominantly blue, the color palette symbolizes depth, calm, and infinity. The varying shades might represent different layers of consciousness or realms of the universe.

3. **Golden Flecks**: Scattered like stars or flecks of gold, they add a touch of magic and luxury to the piece. They might signify moments of enlightenment, clarity, or divine guidance amid the vast, seemingly impenetrable mysteries of existence.

4. **Fluidity of Form**: The figure's form, especially the drapery or gown, seems to be in a state of fluid motion. This can signify the ever-evolving nature of life and the universe, and how energies continuously flow and change form.

5. **Background**: The dark, undefined background provides a stark contrast, emphasizing the figure and making it stand out. It can be perceived as the vast unknown, with the figure serving as a beacon or guide through the depths of the unknown.

Overall, "Celestial Resonance" portrays the intimate connection between the individual soul and the boundless universe, highlighting the interplay of inner reflection, divine guidance, and the endless wonders of the cosmos.

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I co-create with the Angels and Ascended Masters to bring powerful healing art.

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