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Tamara Liz

Golden Ascension Vortex

Golden Ascension Vortex

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**Title:** *Golden Ascension Vortex*

"Golden Ascension Vortex" by Tamara Liz is a subtle yet profound exploration of the energies of ascension, calling forth powerful symbols and color palettes to catalyze spiritual growth.

**Composition and Color:**
The canvas is bathed in soft yellow, with three distinct spheres appearing to merge and dance. These hues and shapes draw upon the powerful rays of ascension, specifically the Golden Ray – representing the resurrection and ascension energies.

**Spiritual and Symbolic Interpretations:**
- **Soft Yellow:** This color mirrors the second ray of ascension, representing wisdom and understanding. It amplifies the inner light, fostering a deeper connection to one's higher self. Yellow is also the color of enlightenment and mental clarity, stimulating the solar plexus chakra and empowering the viewer to step into their own divine power.

- **Golden Spheres:** The spheres hold the energy of the Golden Ray, the twelfth ray of ascension. This ray is instrumental in raising one's vibration, assisting in connecting with higher realms, and channeling the pure Source energy. The progression of the spheres from the opaque to translucent may depict the soul's journey through different stages of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

- **Interplay of Spheres:** The dynamic interplay of the spheres can be interpreted as the dance of energies within and around us, emphasizing unity, balance, and harmony. They represent the merging of the soul with the higher self and the divine, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all life.

**Healing and Energetic Attributes:**
Tamara Liz's artwork isn't merely to be observed but to be felt. "Golden Ascension Vortex" acts as a conduit, channeling the ascension energies and aiding in spiritual elevation. For those attuned to energy work, this piece serves as a portal, facilitating deeper meditative states, aligning the chakras, and accelerating one's journey towards spiritual ascension.

**Why Engage with "Golden Ascension Vortex"?**
In the world of new age spirituality, art is more than a visual treat. It's an energetic tool. Engaging with "Golden Ascension Vortex" is akin to undergoing a gentle spiritual therapy. It calls forth the energies of the higher realms, beckoning the viewer to rise, to ascend, and to align with their truest, most divine self. Owning and meditating upon this artwork can be a transformative experience, guiding one closer to the path of light, love, and ascension.

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I co-create with the Angels and Ascended Masters to bring powerful healing art.

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