Discover the Healing Power of Art with Tamara Liz.

Embark on a transformative journey, gaining clarity, perspective, and inner peace through the fusion of art and spirituality.

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Tamara Liz, an eclectic artist with a unique approach, taps into the profound vibrations of creativity and spirituality. With every session, she crafts a healing experience tailored to meet your soul's needs.

Healing Arts Sessions

Our sessions blend motivational insights, spiritual tools, and the transformative power of the creative arts. Together, in a therapeutic partnership, we explore and harness what serves your journey best."

Eclectic Style: Adapting to resonate with your unique spirit.

Motivational & Inspiring: Elevate your spirit, nourish your soul.

Tailored Approach: Using creative arts and spiritual practices aligned with your needs.


"When I first found Tamara Liz, I was seeking a refuge from life's relentless stresses. Little did I know that her healing art sessions would become a pivotal cornerstone in my journey of self-discovery and wellness. Over time, her therapeutic approach, blending art with spiritual healing, transformed not just my days but my very essence.

Having one of Tamara's art pieces in my home has been an extension of that therapy. Each day, as I pass by it, I'm reminded of our sessions, the progress I've made, and the energies we've harnessed together. It's more than just art; it's a tangible manifestation of my growth and evolution.

Months down the line, I can genuinely say that both Tamara's sessions and her art have elevated my overall outlook on life. There's a newfound vibrancy to my days, an energetic zest that I hadn't felt in years. I am more in tune with myself, more optimistic, and certainly more grounded. Thank you, Tamara, for not only introducing me to the healing power of art but also for being a beacon of light on my journey to self-improvement."

— Melissa J., San Francisco

"From the very first session with Tamara Liz, I felt a profound shift in my perspective. Her unique blend of art and spiritual guidance provided me with tools to face my innermost challenges. I've never felt more aligned with my true self."

- — Stephanie M., New York

"In a world filled with noise and chaos, Tamara offers a space of calm and introspection. Her sessions are a beautiful blend of art, spirituality, and profound wisdom. I always leave feeling rejuvenated and inspired."

— Allison K., Los Angeles

Healing Arts Sessions

Inquire for team and group sessions, workshops and classes. On our studios or at your location. We also offer team sessions via zoom.

MCAD and the National Endowment for the Arts grant allowed Tamara Liz to offer MCA workshops to the El Paso, TX community. Below some of the reviews we were able to collect.