"My drive is the desire to know God, to emulate his art... Transformative, powerful, and soul fulfilling."

Tamara Liz is a recipient of the 2022-23 artist grant awarded by the El Paso Museums & Cultural Affairs Department and the National Endowment for the Arts. Her non-profit, Espíritu Creativo, received the VELA grant in 2022, to continue the facilitation of art programming for k-12 homeschoolers. Tamara continues to give back to the community offering SEL art classes and spiritual arts workshops in Socorro, TX. 

Tamara's professional art career began in 2004, in Puerto Rico; where she completed her BA in Fine Arts. She continued to be involved in the arts when she moved to the United States but knowing from the inside out the transformative powers of art, she completed a MA in Art Therapy in 2016. 

Tamara Liz has worked with different populations- witnessing the border crisis while she worked with minor immigrants and contributing with her art therapy services in substance abuse clinics, non-profits, and local businesses. Tamara is always eager to partner with her community to deliver therapeutic art services and exhibit her high vibration, healing art. 

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2022 Certificate of Achievement-The Luxembourg Art Prize
  • 2022 El Paso Holocaust Museum Identity
  • 2022 El Paso Art Association "The Elements"
  • 2022 El Paso Art Association War
  • 2021 Through The Looking Glass Gallery Exhibits (3)
  • 2021 Female Empowerment Show
  • 2019 Monroe Walton Art Center Members Show
  • 2018 Monroe Walton Art Center Members Show
  • 2017 Monroe Walton Art Center Members Show
  • 2016 GCSU "The Art Therapy Experience II"
  • 2015 GCSU "The Art Therapy Experience"
  • 2014 Studio 905 on Juniper
  • 2012-2013 Artistas Visuales Hispano-Americanos – “Traveling Souls” a traveling exhibition.
  • 2009 AREA -“Sin gasolina”
  • 2008 Museo Ballaja Bachelors Exhibit
  • 2008 ARWI - as part of group Mediadores
  • 2008 Her Shorts - Traveling Video Art Exhibition
  • 2008 Suncom Art Nights at the Museum of Puerto Rico
  • 2007 Petrus Gallery- “Caprichos”
  • 2007 CIRCA -video performance Producto Inc.
    2006 Noches de Galeria Video Performance “Todos somos Dios”
  • 2005 Candela Gallery - Video Art
    2004 EAP Video Art Competition
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