Twin Flames

Twin Flames

What are Twin Flames? 


It is easy to confuse soulmates with twin flames, but there are stark differences. We have many soulmates, with whom we incarnated for many lives. We only have one twin flame. The Monad creates two higher selves, they are the twin flames Alpha and Omega. Our twin flame may have incarnated with us or not at all, waiting for us and guiding us from afar. Many people experience these relationships with romance, but the nature of reincarnation is such that they can incarnate as any other family member or friend. Twin flames mirror our unhealed parts, one may experience a turbulent but growth-driven relationship.  


What is a Twin Flame Portal? 

Portals carry and emit energy, like their name suggests, they are a doorway to the energy embedded in them. This energy can have the equivalent of numerology, symbolic nature or simply express the energy of healing. You may meditate inside a portal, to let its energy permeate through your session or place on a chakra for direct energy flow. Twin Flame portals are created in agreement with each ascended master, when possible, in agreement with both human counterparts.  


About The Twin Flame Monad Portal 


When I created this twin flame portal painting for Joy Kuo, my perspective about twin flames began to evolve. Soon after it was completed, I knew that the painting was not just meant for one twin flame relationship, but for all. I did not feel comfortable making this claim, so I asked Courtney Dillon in a session. Indeed, this painting will help other twin flame relationships. Courtney shared that the energy of the painting is from the Twin Flame Temple Monad. I was elated. 

Artists always keep their copy rights and can reproduce any painting as they see fit. However, I made an agreement with Joy to create additional paintings for her, to understand what changes occurred with each and what improvements she could recognize energetically. This is a work in progress, and I will further share about it, but what I can say now is that this painting is very moving; the timing and circumstances surrounding its creation are all Divinely guided. In fact, another set of paintings was born out of these new insights (that I am yet to upload to the website). 

We all have twin flames; therefore, we all need healing. As our consciousness expands, our perspective changes, our understanding increases and can repair emotional wounds. By no means is that sentence an easy accomplishment, we know that we heal layers and layers before we master the lessons. This twin flame portal works on all your energy bodies, helping you integrate lessons with more ease and minimizing the mirror/opposite clash that sometimes are encountered in twin flame relationships. Even if your twin flame did not in incarnate, this painting's healing energy will improve how you manage your lessons and increase your TF understanding.  


Self-improvement is endless; relationships (of any kind) only add to the work-yet they are often pivotal to our own growth. We thrive when we understand that we are whole, perfect as we are at that point in time; when we truly exercise self-love. For me, self-discovery, self-improvement and self-love go hand in hand. We cannot self-improve from a place of hurt or feeling not enough, we improve through self-love. Self-discovery is how you fall in love with yourself, sprinkle a bit of self-acceptance and self-understanding with a dash of magic. Then boom, you got this!  


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