Ruach Hakodesh

Ruach Hakodesh

For many years Judaism has been a spiritual inspiration for my work- not because I discovered I have Ashkenazi DNA via my mother, but because I often found meaning through it…  

It all began around 2007/08 when I visited Mishkhan David in Puerto Rico. I began to learn so much, all the questions that were unanswered in Catholic school and all the churches I visited before then; everything finally made sense. Before Shabbat I would receive downloads and ideas to implement in my artworks, and as if by magic the discussions on Shabbat explained the meaning behind my ideas (I used to call this process synchronicity). It was amazing. It helped so much with my first thesis and art project for my BA. I created this amazing installation, a painting that portrayed Kavanah, and the fight between thoughts, alongside a nut, representing the idea of the egg (creation myths), with a Yoni structure inside that held 3 iPods running my video art.  

After I moved to the states, I never found a spiritual place that fulfilled me, where I could learn all these mysteries. I continued learning on my own, creating art and using bibliomancy to receive guidance. I would often see Hebrew letters on my artworks, the meaning behind each one was like new world. Spirituality, getting to know God has always been pivotal to my journey. When I did my masters, I tried to do my thesis on spiritual art therapy but was led to something different by my advisor. After that my drive turned a bit, until the fall of 2018, when I found the Ascended Masters ( My life has never been the same since... 



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