Healing Frida Khalo

Healing Frida Khalo

Healing Frida Khalo

 I had an astrology reading on March 6, 2023 with Tammy Manzo. As we discussed my Chiron and Moon on house 10, she asked if I wanted to clear any past life wounds. I quickly agreed, I know I’ve been an artist several times and I was afraid some of those lives were emotionally turbulent. One of those lives was as Frida Khalo. This was confirmed with Tammy, the Lords of the Akashic records and Frida herself.  

I’ve asked before about other past lives, but this was the first time I’ve participated in the process. I asked questions as  instructed by Tammy, using my dowsing rods and the knowledge acquired from Jan Thompson’s downswing course. Tammy guided me step by step. Since I didn’t know what the process was, I hesitated to clear Frida’s pain when I felt her prompt. A minute later Tammy guided me to help clear emotional pain. I then asked Frida to turn to me as I felt Tammy was doing some of the clearing. The energy was intense, yet so beautiful to witness. We continued for a while, including other energy exchanges. It felt amazing. 

Later in the day, I decided to rewatch the modern Frida movie. The first time I watched it felt so intense, I cried so much and could identify with her on so many levels. Watching it a second time, I could now comprehend my own personal struggles, insecurities etc. For example,  I always felt disconnected to my body, always living inside my head. Painting random (from my mind) portraits all the time. Even the respiratory problems, and working clinically with people who experienced addiction. 

The issue that struck the hardest was the pain she felt due to Diego’s infidelity.  Believe me when I say that her sexual adventures were inspired by the idea that if he could do it, so could she. In a way, it was an effort to get back at him, which was futile. The thing is, I began working on that trauma early on in my life. 

I must have been in between 10-11 years old when it began. I was in Catholic school and I guess on my days off, my mom would take me with her to her job. She was a teacher at a public school in a rural area. Months could go by before I would visit again, but I always enjoyed playing with the kids. On one of those visits, I got myself a boyfriend. We never kissed or anything, but I remember distinctly how he helped me tie my shoe- although I didn’t want him to. That somehow felt like a romantic gesture to me, he was very cute and I was elated to have a boyfriend. A boyfriend I wouldn’t see again for months of course. On my next visit I was eager to find him, but instead I found his new girlfriend. He justified  himself saying he didn’t see me for months. I was broken hearted. I think back now to those strong emotions… I was a child!! Why did that hurt so much? Well, I always attributed my jealousy to that early trauma. Turns out it went deeper than this lifetime.

Honestly, I thought I had mastered that lesson, as I’ve become less jealous and trust my husband. More so, I trust that everything is always happening for me. There’s nothing to fear. But as lessons always do, another layer had come for healing in early March. Days before our session. Out of nowhere, my mind decided to freak out in jealousy. Since this is not my first rodeo, I knew to tame my mind from those irrational thoughts. Yet it took me longer to tame the body. This is new because I would usually live in my mind, but now that I’m ascending I’ve worked on sensing my body and working with energy. It wasn’t until I ran and played water tag with my kids that I was able to shake off the fear from my solar plexus. Of course! Movement can shift energy! 

I still need to do more clearing around that. That pain and fear is intense. At least I understand why that is happening and can continue to work with Frida to heal it. 

Btw. There are other details that I believe further explain our past life connection. I might share more later on. Cool stuff! 

Much love,

Tamara Liz

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