Colors & Spirituality

Colors & Spirituality


I have been reading about color symbolism, color therapy and the like for years. Even before I began my masters in art therapy. Knowing that everything has meaning and that signs are all around us, you tend to wonder what messages are there for you. I feel the same towards animal totem symbolisms, angel numbers or numerology. It’s like God embedded a magical language for us to interpret and be guided. Everything has another layer of spiritual symbolism, flowers, rivers, you name it. More importantly these meanings change from place to place and even person to person. I find that very interesting…


You may have grown up with the impression that red means happiness, only to find later in life that other people deem yellow as the color of happiness. Guess what? Both are correct. I take it as another layer of meaning and insights to learn from. What I don’t like are absolutes or people teaching that a color is bad for whatever reason. This was the case when I was doing my masters. A teacher mentioned that using orange meant manic energy. I cowered away from using orange after that. I didn’t want people to interpret my art as manic! I wouldn’t realize how much I cowered from it until I passed my 5th initiation. Even when I knew better, the damage was done, becauseI didn’t want to be perceived that way.


As I passed my 5th initiation I was eager to find out my new ray color. I was afraid it would be the 1st or 4th ray. I know it is a silly thing to fear. Each ray is majestic. It was just overwhelming to think of being on those rays. The 1st ray would be daunting, the will of God can’t be an easy path. I also knew the 4th ray, with Serapis Bey was no cake walk. Harmony through conflict is a lot of responsibility. As I hoped I wasn’t on those rays, I was trying to figure out what was my ray. Actually, as soon as I passed, I knew I was on the 5th but I wasn’t sure. It just made sense. It wasn’t until I began to paint about it that I would find out my colors. Orange, the dreaded color, was now showing up left and right. It was almost in my face all the time but as it often happens, fear would cloud judgment. However, throughout the 6th initiation I not only healed my relationship with the 1st and 4th ray, I also healed my relationship to the color orange. It was beautiful to come to the realization that I am on the Divine Feminine of the 5th ray. Which is the orange ray. Granted, my ray color is a light peach but all the same. I began to connect to the beauty within this color. Only to find another roadblock, a spiritual research website that deemed certain colors as having low frequency or even negative energy… 


Conflicts arise to deepen our understanding of ourselves, and the spiritual journey would lead me once again to a path of being a rebel. Yes. A rebellious ascended person in the quest to bring forth change. See I refused to believe that lighter shades have better frequency than darker shades. I mean, it does make sense to have a lighter vibration the closer to white and while that is easy to accept at face value, there was something that didn’t sit right. There are Ascended Masters or Gods with darker ray / aura colors. Does that mean they’re imperfect or lower in frequency/vibration? Impossible! It can’t be!

Ascended Master Melchizedek’s aura has the most beautiful dark blue center, leading to mid blue and then white with a red rim.  I will not accept that dark shades of blue for example, are lower in frequency. Neither will I accept the conception that red is always either anger or passion; When I know red is the color of the Divine Feminine of the 1st ray. I don’t have all the answers, but I know you can have high frequency or high vibrational art with any color.


In reality is all about who is creating the art. What energy are they calling into the art? Is not channeling energy into the art, or infusing it with energy. The whole creation, every stroke, everything is guided and emanates Divine energy. It’s a process of trust, letting go and allowing… It is a Blessing.

It is my journey to co-create, make art that can and will transform people. 





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